Synergy Blends

Application: add 5-10 drops to warm bath water (avoid skin-irritating oils)

put 5-10 drops on the Aroma Alabaster Lamp

2-3 ml into the Micro-Diffuser

10-20 drops into the CoolAir Aroma Diffusers

Hydrolates (Floral Water)

Floral waters are created by steam-distillation of essential oils. Their use includes skin care, bath, cooking, travel etc. Some of these floral waters, such as rose and orange blossom, are also used traditionally for cooking and spicing. Nearly all of our hydrolates are derived from certified organic production.

Application: splash 5 ml of the floral water into your palm or on a cotton pad and massage it gently into your face.

For the bath use 10 ml.

You may also rub a few drops on to the skin of your elbows or under your soles.

In case of excessive sweating mix 10 ml of floral water with mineral water to purify and refresh your face.

Carrier Oils

Application: By enriching these carrier oils with selected essential oils you can use them as high quality massage oils for specific applications.


Massage Oils

Application: Use 3-5 ml daily for a lasting and rejuvenating effect


Floral Baby Oil

This subtle blend is meant for the sensitive skin of the child or for the sensitive skin type. Organic extracts of Calendula, Lavender, German Chamomile together with traces of essential oils in organic sunflower oils make this product a precious gift for a 100% natural skin care of your child.


Use oil for feet and back massage for calming the baby.


Floral Facial Oils

Oshadhi Floral Facial Oils contain only natural plant products known for their nourishing effects on skin tissue. All our products are guaranteed freee from preservatives, emulsifiers or unnatural additives.

Choose from our popular range of specific blends of facial oils for particular skin types. Or try our Omega range, rich in those fatty acids required for cell regeneration but which the body cannot manufacture by itself. The selection is completed with luxurious Jojoba products. Pure Jojoba oil is repidly absorbed by the skin, making it an excellent carrier for the rose, chamomile, melissa, champaca, neroli and jasmine essential oils each of which adds fragrance and its own unoque effect on the skin. All our Jojoba Facial oils contains 3% pure essential oils.

Application: 5-10 drops of the floral facial oil is enough to nourish the skin. Can be used in combination with a face cream.

Jojoba Gold

Precious skin care essential oils in pure organic jojoba oil to ensure anti-aging effects. Pure jojoba oils is rapidly absorbed by the skin, making it an excellent carrier for essential oils such as rose, chamomile, neroli, etc.

Application: 5- 10 drops of the oil are enough for the daily for a lasting and rejuvenating effect. Can be used together with a face cream.

Floral Facial Water

Application: Add 2-3 ml on a cotton pad and massage your face gently with it.


Floral Hair Oil

Calophyllum inophyllum (Foraha), traditionally well-known in the folk medicine of Madagascar, is an important component of this special formula, together with jojoba and sesame oil, blended in essential oils. Rosemary oil from Morocco, Chinese narde and Spanish lavender sage are the major essential oil components of this nourishing hair care oil.

Application: Warm up the oil to body-temperature and then massage 3-5 ml vigorously once or twice a week into your scalp. Wash it off after 1-2 hours with a soft shampoo.

For stronger effects leave it on overnight.

Floral Hair Tonic

Application: After shampooing, massage strongly 5-10 ml into your hair.

For best effects leave it for a couple of hours and then rinse it off.

Floral Bath Oils

Application: Add 3-5 ml to a warm bath and rub the remaining oil gently into the skin.

Floral Sauna Products

Add extrabenefit to your sauna, with these two aromaterapy floral sauna products. Sauna fragrances add a touch of luxury at the same time as the specific sauna oils work their magic! Choose Sauna Floral with rose, orange blossoms and lavender combined in floral water and pure grape alcohol. Splash a few drops on the sauna coals and create a heavenly feminine aroma. Or try Sauna Fresh with mint, lavender, thyme, juniper and rosemary after a workout or to destress. It creates a wonderfully refreshing aroma.

Application: Sprinkle a few mls. on the hot stones

Eau de Cologne

Fine-balanced synergies of 100% pure and natural essential oils in grape alcohol, free from synthetic additives, for refreshment and toning effects during the day.

Eau de Toilette

Natural Perfumes

Concentrated floral perfume blends made of 100% pure and natural essential oils from selected areas of cultivation (without alcohol)

Application: as a perfume. Add a few droplets to your personal perfume or use it pure or in alcohol in oil. Also for enriching your personal skin care (Cream, oil, etc.) by adding a few drops of this concentrated perfume blend.



Room Sprays

Oshadhi room-sprays consist of 100% pure and natural essential oils blended into water and grape alcohol. They create fresh, harmonizing, floral or sensual fragrances at home, in the office, or at your workplace. Make your air breathable again and feel the uplifting benefits of these wonderful blends of pure essential oils.

Ambiance Oshadhi

OSHADHI Coolair Aroma Diffuser

Application: Apply a few drops of essential oils on the reusable cartridge, put it in place under the Coolair Aroma Diffuser and switch it on to your preferred speed.

Aroma Car


Aroma-Crystal Diffuser with wooden base

Application: Drop 10-15 drops of your favorite essential oil into the diffuser glass and cover the glass cap. Note that the essential oil should not cover the inner tube. It is best to just use 1 type of essential oil at a time.