Synergies extra special
Art.-No.: 4600
Expand, uplift and focus the mind with this contemplative blend
Contents:Myrrh, Frankincense, Sandalwood, Cabreuva,...
Art.-No.: 4605
Soothing and harmonizing
Contents:Jasmine abs., Lavender Matherone, Frankincense,...
Art.-No.: 4608
An astringent heart tonic to balance pitta (heat)
Contents:Lavender Highland, Ylang Ylang, Rose abs., Jasmine abs., Helichrysum,...
Fresh Air
Art.-No.: 4610
A delicate fragrance for the house or office
Contents:Balm Fir, Myrtle, Ravintsara,...
Sun Spice
Art.-No.: 4611
The noble charm of a spicy refreshment
Contents:Lavender Matherone, Rosemary Highland, Cardamom,...
Queen of the Night
Art.-No.: 4615
Relax and let go with this exotic fresh and flowery blend
Contents:Jasmine abs., Chamomile wild, Ylang Ylang extra
Art.-No.: 4620
Summer in Provence
Contents:Lavender Maillete, Clary Sage, Hyssop,&
Art.-No.: 4625
A skin soother for hot days
Contents:Lavandin sweet super, Rosemary Cineol, Myrtle, Sage,&
Christmas Star
Art.-No.: 4630
For a festive atmosphere
Contents:Frankincense, Cinnamon Bark, Balm Fir, Myrrh, Lemon green,&
Art.-No.: 4635
Sweet exotic fragrance
Contents:Rhododendron, Rose abs., Palmarosa....
Art.-No.: 4640
A rich grounding masculine note connecting with deep earth energies
Contents:Amyris, Howood, Sandalwood, Atlas Cedar,&
Art.-No.: 4645
For a smooth and heart warming atmosphere
Contents:Neroli, Petitgrain Bigarade, Niaouli Nerolidol, Fokienia&
Art.-No.: 4650
Enjoy those sweet tender hours together
Contents:Jasmine abs., Ylang Ylang III, Rose Turk., Myrrh,...
Queen of Roses
Art.-No.: 4655
Delicate rose fragrances combine in this precious perfume blend
Contents:Rose turk., Rose Geranium, Palmarosa, Frankincense,&
Art.-No.: 4660
Enliven the inner goddess
Contents:Clary Sage, Rose abs., Bergamot mint,&
Sweet Repose
Art.-No.: 4670
A fresh expansive warmth to bring deep comfort before sleep
Contents:Mandarine, Petitgrain Bigarade Paraguay, Rose turk.,&
Pure Bliss
Art.-No.: 4680
This exquisitely refined blend settles you down after stress
Contents:Ylang Ylang extra, Chamomile roman, Lavender Highland,...
Art.-No.: 4681
Austere and secret, warmly refreshing
Contents:Santolina, Lemon, Sandalwood, Cypress,...
Peace of Mind
Art.-No.: 4682
A purifiying symphony of charming clarity
Contents:Kanuka, Cardamom, Sandalwood, Rose bulg.,...
Peace Inner
Art.-No.: 4683
Brings tranquility and comfort - an elevating presence
Contents:Clary Sage, Jasmine abs., Lantana,...
Precious Moments
Art.-No.: 4684
A deep rapturous blend
Contents:Linaloe Berry, Rose turk., Neroli, Verbena, &
Art.-No.: 4685
A sweet, refreshing, uplifting blend
Contents:Basil sweet, Lavender Maillette, Cardamom, Tonka abs.,...
Spirit of Light
Art.-No.: 4686
The call of a clear spring morning
Contents:Leptospermum citratum, Myrtl, Jasmine abs., Frankincense,...
Queen's Delight
Art.-No.: 4687
This super sweet blend connects the celestial and the earth
Contents:Amyris, Sandalwood, Rose Turk., Frankincense,...
Art.-No.: 4688
A therapeutic anti-fungal blend
Contents:Tea-Tree m.a., Manuka, Kanuka,...
Art.-No.: 4690
Rich blend for energy and clarity
Contents:Juniper Berry, Mint, Clary Sage,&
Art.-No.: 4691
This enchanting blend expresses the full richness of nature
Contents:Benzoin abs., Ylang Ylang III, Lavandin sweet super, Chamomile roman,&
Forest bloom
Art.-No.: 4694
flowery odour like rosewood
Contents:Linaloe Berry, Ho-Wood, Niaouli
Art.-No.: 4695
Warm, fresh, harmonizing, and relaxing
Contents:Mandarine, Rose Geranium, Orange, Frankincense, Myrrh,&
Art.-No.: 4696
An exquisite jasmine blend for a luxurious atmosphere
Contents:Howood, Bergamot, Jasmine abs.,&
Art.-No.: 4697
Soothing, relaxing, refreshing
Contents:Myrte, Petitgrain Bigarade, Ylang Ylang III, Clary Sage,...
Secret Heart
Art.-No.: 4698
Ultra soothing sumptuous blend to melt away tension
Contents:Lavandin sweet super, Chamomile blue Tansy, Cardamom,...
Atlas Blue
Art.-No.: 4699
A warm, healing, nourishing blend
Contents:Chamomile blue Tansy, Orange sweet, Bergamot, Clove Bud,&
Spirit of Joy
Art.-No.: 4753
Helpful with depression, soothing for body, mind and soul
Contents:Bergamot furocoumarin-free, Orange sweet, Frankincense,&
Mind relax
Art.-No.: 4754
Easies head preasure and tension
Contents:Peppermint Mitcham, Lavender, Tarragon
Anxiety Relief
Art.-No.: A4000
For when it all gets too much
Contents:Myrtl, Petitgrain Bigarade, Angelica Root, Lavender Highland,&
Breathe Free
Art.-No.: A4005
A soft refreshing revitalizing breeze
Contents:Lime, Marjoram, Spike Lavender,&
Art.-No.: A4010
A restorative moment of reflection under southern sun
Contents:Bergamot, Orange sweet, Lavender Highland,...
Fresh Again
Art.-No.: A4015
The clarion call of invigorated morning energies
Contents:Rosemary Borneone, Grapefruit, Lemon, Clary Sage,&
Mountain Breeze
Art.-No.: A4020
Revive mind body and spirit with enlivening mountain fragrance
Contents:Spike Lavender, Rosemary Highland, Lemongrass,&
Feel Safe
Art.-No.: A4025
Capture a moment of sheer pleasure
Contents:Chamomile roman, Rose abs., Bergamot,...
Petit Prince
Art.-No.: A4030
Citrusfresh and bloomy - dispalcing depressive thoughts and helps to make the day warm and friendly
Contents:Rose bulg., Grapefruit, Orange sweet, Lavender Highland,...
Sweet Awakening
Art.-No.: A4035
Step into the day with a burst of balanced energy
Contents:Rose abs., Vanilla, Orange sweet,...
Tension Relief
Art.-No.: A4040
Soothing and balancing, refreshing and concentrating for further plans of the day
Contents:Petitgrain Bergamot, Verbena, Howood, Orange sweet&
Winter Safe
Art.-No.: A4045
Protects from the stresses of the cold winter time
Contents:Niaouli, Rosemary Cineol, Oregano,&
A Pealing Citrus
Art.-No.: A4050
Synergy made of various citrus oils for new freshness and concentration
Contents:Lemon, Lime, Bergamot, Orange sweet, Lemongrass,...
Drive Alert
Art.-No.: A4055
Tonifying and stimulating to enhance creativity and alertness
Contents:Orange sweet, Howood, Basil, Rosemary Cineol,&
Art.-No.: A4200
A soothing-fresh composition for the evening hours
Contents:Leptospermum citratum, Jasmine Sambac abs., Rose abs.,...
Caribbean Delight
Art.-No.: A4205
Impressive synergy with sweet and mild-spicy notes for dreaming
Contents:Vanilla, Ylang Ylang complete, Clove Bud,&
Clear Mind
Art.-No.: A4210
A stimulating and motivating composition to displace tired and cloudy thoughts
Contents:Silver Fir, Orange sweet, Lemon,&
Conifer Refresh
Art.-No.: A4215
Spicy and woody - soothing the athmosphere with ist citrus notes
Contents:Cypress, Silver Fir, Pine Scots,&
Cote d'Azur
Art.-No.: A4220
Lifting lemon complex to displace the grey fog from wintertime
Contents:Orange sweet, Petitgrain Lemon, Mimosa abs.,...
Deep Peace
Art.-No.: A4225
Soothing and balancing through its lavender note - excellent synergy before going to bed
Contents:Lavender Highland, Bergamot, Sandalwood,...
Earth Harmony
Art.-No.: A4230
Gains to the ground, to displace the rush of the day - comming down to enjoy the rest of the day
Contents:Jasmine ind. abs., Cabreuva, Sandalwood, Cistus,&
Art.-No.: A4235
Citrus-herb complex changes the exhaustion of the day into new energy and spirit
Contents:Grapefruit, Lime, Bergamot, Chamomile wild,...
Art.-No.: A4240
Builds up concentration for effective and creative work
Contents:Grapefruit, Verbena, Silver Fir,&
Art.-No.: A4245
Balancing and brightening - a strong composition to challenge the cold wintertime
Contents:Juniper Berry, Pine Scots, Lavender Highland, Clary Sage,&
Mood Elevating
Art.-No.: A4250
Citrus-fresh - increasing spirit, concentration and energy
Contents:Bergamot, Lemongrass, Verbena,...
Art.-No.: A4255
Arranges the impressions of the day to bring peace and composure for a restorative sleep
Contents:Bergamot Mint, Lavender Highland, Mandarine green,...
Art.-No.: A4260
Bloomy and fresh - with a defying note for the evening hours in pairs
Contents:Bergamot, Rose abs., Orange sweet, Mimosa abs.,...
Art.-No.: A4265
No more chance for anger and frustration - this composition changes to balance and calm
Contents:Orange sweet, Palmarosa, Vanille,...
Star of Bethlehem
Art.-No.: A4270
Spicy fresh synergy - tries to change rigid and clouded thoughts to new ways and ideas
Contents:Frankincense, Bergamot, Myrrh, Star Anise,...
Stress Free
Art.-No.: A4275
Stress relieving - creates new energy and concentration
Contents:Orange sweet, Manuka, Lavender Highland,...
Tropical Nights
Art.-No.: A4280
Bloomy Spice - leaves the day and changes with a strong energy to a relaxing evening
Contents:Jasmine Sambac abs., Vanilla, Tonka abs,&
Art.-No.: A4285
Strongly relaxing agitation and nervousness - a citrus complex with the best notes to enjoy -being-
Contents:Grapefruit, Vanilla, Lemon, Ylang Ylang complete, Bergamot,...
Art.-No.: A4290
Bloomy-fresh synergy - releases blockades and stresses, to enjoy the ambience in a relaxed way
Contents:Ylang Ylang II , Bergamot, Howood, Mandarine red,&
A Changing Woman
Art.-No.: A4295
Balancing the vicissitude in this changing period of life
Contents:Fennel sweet, Verbena, Clary Sage,...
Art.-No.: A4296
Calms inner agitation and brings the balance back to life - let something go to enjoy -being-
Contents:Lavandin grosso, Copaiba, Fokienia,...
Genito-Urinary Care
Art.-No.: A4297
Caring synergy
Contents:Tea-Tree m.a., Manuka, Lavender Highland,...
Soothing Sweet
Art.-No.: A4298
Balmy sweetness for men - to change into the spirit for the evening in pairs
Contents:Gurjum, Elemi, Copaiba, Cabreuva...
Breath Enjoy
Art.-No.: A4299
Eases and acquits breathing
Contents:Elemi, Eucalyptus dives, Fokienia, Sugandah Kokila,&
Sun Spirit
Art.-No.: A4600
Relaxing and activating - a wonderful freshness energizes the atmosphere
Contents:Rose abs., Cistus, Myrrh, Cinnamon Bark,&
High Resonance
Art.-No.: A4605
Earthens and rearranges the thoughts to come back to concentration and energy
Contents:Rose Turk., Mimosa abs., Lavender Highland, Myrtl,...
Ormensis Atlas
Art.-No.: A4610
Shows the charismatic way for the some special hours
Contents:Chamomile wild, Cabreuva, Fokienia, Atlas Cedar,&
Sacred Nights
Art.-No.: A4615
A bloomy kidnapping into the secrets of the night
Contents:Howood, Mimosa abs., Bergamot,...