Marma Oils
Art.-No.: 8010
Reinforces Ojas, supports the immune system, enhances happiness. Suitable for any treatment.
Contents:Sandalwood, Kewra,...
Art.-No.: 8011
Specifically, for the treatment of the spine. Strengthens the Sushumna-Energy.
Contents:Sandalwood, Kewra, Himalaya Cedar,...
Art.-No.: 8012
For vulnerabilities related to the neck and thyroid. Helps with voice problems and lymph-load, and relaxes neck tensions.
Contents:Sandalwood, Kewra, Hyssop,...
Indra Royal
Art.-No.: 8013
For application to Indra Basti and an amplifier for al Marma-treatments.
Contents:Sandalwood, Kewra, Myrtle,...
Art.-No.: 8014
For insomnia and calms the mind.
Contents:Sandalwood, Kewra, Valerian,...
Art.-No.: 8015
Opens the respiratory tract and strengthens the immune system against colds. Especially helpful for sinusitis, cough, bronchitis and asthma bronchiale.
Contents:Himalaya Cedar, Hyssop, Basil,...
Shanti Om
Art.-No.: 8016
Offers silence and peace, calms the hyperactive mind. Anti-stress Marma oil.
Contents:Myrtle, Lavender, Rosewood,...
Art.-No.: 8017
Clarifying, calming, balancing, soothing to mind. Higher spirit. Promotes stillness in wakefulness. Can be used as a starter to calm the mind, to balance all marmas.
Contents:Rosewood, Lotus,...
Art.-No.: 8018
Clears mind and thinking, strengthens Prana, Sadhaka, reduces worrying.
Contents:Sandalwood, Amyris, Rose,...
Art.-No.: 8019
Opens and clears throat, strengthens power of speach, balances neck marmas.
Contents:Galangal Root, Myrrh, Rose,...
Art.-No.: 8020
Soothes heart and mind, good for Sadhaka, Prana, mind, promotes happiness, satisfaction, peace.
Contents:Sandalwood, Kewra, Ylang Ylang,...
Art.-No.: 8021
Balances Samana, strengthens Jatharagni, promotes digestion, spasmolytic, carminative, digestive.
Contents:Basil, Cardamom, Bay Laurel,...
Art.-No.: 8022
Strong balancing effect on Vata, warm good feeling in Basti, good for kidney problems, all Vata problems.
Contents:Silver Fir, Juniper, Cypress,...
Art.-No.: 8023
Mentally stabilizing, re-rooting in ones deepest level of existence.
Contents:Fokienia, Sandalwood, Jasmine,...
Ropana oil
Art.-No.: 8026
For treatment of scars and wounds.
Contents:Cistus, Frankincense,...