Cosmetic Body Care Jojoba Gold
Art.-No.: 5850
Regenerating: A precious delicately fragranced synergy for rejuvenation of the skin.
Contents:Rose turk., Rose Geranium, Palmarosa, Jojoba
Art.-No.: 5855
Purifying: The fine fragrance of this complex conveys the subtle influence of pure Immortella oils, known for ist purifying effect on the skin tissue.You have a wonderfully perfumed synergitsic blend to help you sustain a lustrous and healthy complexion.
Contents:Helichrysum, Golden Rod, Spike Lavender, Jojoba
Art.-No.: 5860
Nourishing: This blend is for any skin type to protect and nourish the skin of your face with active ingredients of nature itself.
Contents:Carrot Seed, Myrrh and Vetiver, & in Jojoba
Art.-No.: 5865
Detoxifying: The specially selected oils of this exceptional blend help the skin to release toxins and to fight against bacteria and impurities (pimples, akne, etc.), detrimental to a healthy skin.
Contents:Thyme Thymol, Thyme Linalool, Atlas Cedar, & in Jojoba
Art.-No.: 5870
A selection of essential oils protect the skin against the destructive effects of an overload of UV-rays
Contents:Tea-Tree m.a., Spike Lavender, Rosa Rubiginosa, Centella, & in Jojoba
Royal Massage-Oil
Art.-No.: 5875
for exclusive treatment for the whole body
Contents:Rosa Rubiginosa, Centella, Rose Turk., Jasmine egypt,...
Sama Massage-Oil
Art.-No.: 5880
Precious body massage oil. Harmonizes body and soul
Contents:Sandalwood, Fokienia, sweet Almond oil