Cosmetic Body Care Floral Bath Oils
Rosemary Bath
Art.-No.: 6000
A vitalizing stimulating synergy for the morning, after work
Contents:Rosemary Cineol, Mint, Chamomile wild,&
Juniper Bath
Art.-No.: 6005
Stimulating, regenerating
Contents:Juniper, Cypress, Pine Scots,&
Lavender Bath
Art.-No.: 6010
Relaxing and soothing in order to let go after stress and strain.
Contents:Lavandin grosso, Marjoram, Cananga,...
Rose Bath
Art.-No.: 6115
Wonderfully perfumed bath oils for all occations and to relax.
Contents:Rose turk., Palmarosa, Rose Geranium,&
Chamomile Bath
Art.-No.: 6020
This bath oil represents a precious synergy of essential oils, specially meant for inner harmony and for releasing deep psycho-physiological stress.
Contents:Chamomile blue & wild, Yarrow, Lavandin sweet super,&
Cold and Flu Bath
Art.-No.: 6025
Contents:Rosemary Cineol, Ravintsara, Lavandin sweet super, Niaouli,...
Neroli Bath
Art.-No.: 6030
A bath oils with subtly euphorizing and uplifting energies
Contents:Neroli, Petitgrain Bigarade Paraguay, Clary Sage,...
Pine Needle Bath
Art.-No.: 6035
Envigorating, tonifying, stress releasing
Contents:Siberian Fir, Pine Scots, Balm Fir,&