Cosmetic Body Care Floral Facial Water
Art.-No.: 5300
A tonic for revitalizing and refreshing the skin, purifying and clarifying.
Inhaltsstoffe:Lavender Highland, Mint, Rosemary,...
Art.-No.: 5310
Specific blends of essential oils which convey to the dry skin humidity and tonus
Inhaltsstoffe:Thyme Linalool, Rosemary,&
Deep Cleansing
Art.-No.: 5320
Synergistic blend of essential oils specially composed against impurities of the skin
Inhaltsstoffe:Mint, Thyme Linalool, Lavender Highland,&
Art.-No.: 5330
A facial tonic for the sensitive skin. Purifies and rejuventates. Use before application of a cream
Inhaltsstoffe:Chamomile roman, Sage, Lavender Highland,...
Wrinkle Free
Art.-No.: 5340
A synergy of essential oils, floral waters and Aloe vera for the aging skin in order to revitalize and tonify the skin cells.
Inhaltsstoffe:Cistus, Geranium, Rose,...