Cosmetic Body Care Aloe Vera Gels
Aloe Vera Gel
Art.-No.: 6649
  Contents:Aloe Vera Gel, Water
Aloe Hamamelis
Art.-No.: 6400
Very good for bruises, has a regenerating, firming and anti-inflammatory effect.
Contents:Hamamelis, Helichrysum (Immortella),...
Aloe Chamomile
Art.-No.: 6410
Very good against acne, calming and anti-inflammatory effect on the skin.
Contents:Chamomille, Yarrow,...
Aloe Lavender
Art.-No.: 6420
Calming and balancing effect on the skin, good against sunburn and insect bites.
Contents:Lavender, Lavandin,...
Aloe Orange Blossom
Art.-No.: 6430
Restorative and calming effect and very good against redness of the skin.
Contents:Orange Blossom (Neroli), Petitgrain Bigarade.,...
Aloe Rose
Art.-No.: 6440
Especially used for dry and sensitive skin, astringent, caring and regenerating effect.
Contents:Rose bulg., Rose abs., Palmarosa,...
Aloe Tea Tree
Art.-No.: 6450
Disinfecting and anti-septic effect, very good against acne and skin impurities.
Contents:Tea Tree, Manuka,...
Aloe Mint
Art.-No.: 6460
Refreshing and revitalizing effect on the skin, invigorating and anti-inflammatory.
Contents:Mint, Niaouli,...
Aloe Lotus
Art.-No.: 6470
Relaxing, regenerating and caring effect on the skin.
Contents:Ylang-Ylang, Jasmine, Lotus,...