Since the founding of Oshadhi in 1990, we have put the emphasis on describing each oil as precisely as possible in order to give the customer all necessary support in choosing his product. Therfore, each essential oil is defined as to:

the country of origin

the part of the plant used

the botanical name

the chemotype


In accord with our high standards for organic products, our lists also indicate various degrees of organic farming used in the production of essential oils.

Our high standards of quality together with the broad range of our products have gained us the trust of customers in over 20 countries. Our selection with far over 1.000 different products includes:

Approx. 450 essential oils

Approx. 200 synergies

Over 50 carrier oils

Over 50 hydrolates

Numerous massage oils and facial oils

Natural perfumes

Jojoba products, and many others.